You are invited to embark on a journey to reconnect with and be you. 


It's time to stop doing what everyone says you 'should do or be'.

It's time to find out what really makes you tick.

It's time to stand in your own light and be true to you.

This program is designed to help you be more authentic and accepting of your self and others in the process.

Is this program for you?

In many online programs someone will write this nice blurb that hooks you in. Not here.

Instead let me be really honest. This program is not for everyone. Really.  But it may be for you.

I say this because in my experience as a coach and a facilitator the people that genuinely get the most from this type of program are those that really want to do it. Usually this means you are someone that really loves personal growth and development and the challenge of opening up and discovering more about being you.

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 © Jenn Shallvey

Workplace development only takes you so far

For many the desire to head down the personal development path may actually have started at work. At work there are often opportunities to learn. But there are usually boundaries that keep the really important bits - that is the learning about the whole you - out of the picture. So you come away knowing some professional skills, perhaps being knowledgeable about your preferences, 360 degree feedback results. But do you really know you?

Or do you just know how you compare to what others want to measure you by?


Whatever the experience you are now asking questions

  • What is next for me in my career? Life?
  • Where do I see myself in 5, 10 or however many years you imagine?
  • Is it time for a change?
  • My life is changing because my world is changing what about me?
  • My kids are all grown up and leaving home, now what?
  • Retirement is just around the corner what's next?
  • I want to downsize and shift my lifestyle but is this me?
  • Something is niggling at me, pushing me to explore but I don't know what it is?

The answers can only come from you

There may never be definitive answers to these questions.  You can though get clarity of direction. You do this by knowing you. If you know YOU more and really are CLEAR about who you are in these situations then answers will flow and follow in a much easier and more gratifying way. Even the bumps in the road become more manageable.

What you can achieve with this program

Personal development is about what you put into your learning. The more you commit and follow through on the greater the experience of success. Success though is a personal outcome defined by you, not by the course. Depending on what you are aiming for this program creates an opportunity to potentially grow in many ways. Here are just some of the possibilities.

  • Enhance your self awareness about the ‘real you’
  • Develop a greater sense of clarity about who you are.
  • Focus on your strengths and learn from your mistakes.
  • Turn the ‘should’s’ of others into empowering personal choices and decisions.
  • Identify what you wish to claim about being you so you can let go of others.
  • Focus on the present you and how you move from letting your past define you.
  • Establish a foundation ofself direction.
 © Jenn Shallvey

How the program works

This program is designed to provide a balance between self directed learning, discovery, exploration and reflection.

Six modules

There are six discrete, self contained modules. There is no pre-requisite to complete each one. You may however benefit more by doing each one in succession.  Completion depends on your own personal development journey and objectives.

Self directed with a little extra

Whilst the program is designed to be completely self directed there are opportunities to engage with Jenn Shallvey for feedback along the way.  Included in each module is an optional experience you can engage in. If you decide to do this project, you may request feedback from Jenn via email after completing this experience.  Jenn also checks in at times via email to see how you are progressing and answer any questions.

Coaching available but not included unless you do the whole program

The extra support is not coaching. If you want coaching to complement your experience this is separate for each module. However if you enrol in the overall program you do receive 1 hour of coaching at the start and completion of the whole program.  

Go at your own pace

Each module is designed to be completed at your own pace.  There are 4 subtopics per module. So ideally a pace of 4 weeks works well. However you may have other factors such as previous development that means you go quicker. Alternatively you may open up and connect with a part of you that needs more time to settle.  

So complete each module at your own pace in 2, 4 or even 6 weeks - the whole program in 3 to 9 months.

It is up to you.


Each module

  • Guided meditation accessible online and downloadable for your ongoing use.
  • Custom designed activities and reflections specific to each module for you to complete on your own.
  • Module specific project that you can submit to Jenn for feedback and insight.
  • Tutorials for subtopics to read and / or listen to.
  • Live, (not automated) occasional check in emails.
  • Online access to course content and material for each module for as long as the program is online.

Whole program extras

  • One hour coaching session before you start the program to help you get the most from your experience.
  • One hour coaching session at the completion of the whole program to set you up for the next phase of your journey.
  • Complimentary inclusion in any online group events.
  • Program workbook you can download and print for your journaling.

Optional additional coaching support

Each module is a self directed learning experience. You have access to Jenn through email and feedback on the module project. To get even more from your experience you may wish to include coaching with Jenn.  Jenn offers individual sessions, blocks of sessions or monthly retainers.  While enrolled in a module Jenn extends a discount on standard coaching rates. For more information you can visit Jenn's coaching page or contact Jenn.

Modules and topics 

One: The Seeker Awakens

This foundation module explores where you are at now. The focus is not on being critical but in stepping back and noticing. Tap into your curiosity and your current level of self awareness.

  • Ready for something different but don’t know what
  • What am I hiding versus letting others see?
  • Who I am now
  • What do I want to change, do differently, create now?

Two: Through a Looking Glass

To be authentic we need to consider being who we are through various lenses. Many of us are one person at work and another at home. We explore who you are now in these different contexts, what this looks like, where there are discrepancies and why.  This module is for uncovering and understanding, not changing or fixing. This is an objective self assessment not a deep dive.

  • People – who I connect with now – friends, partners, colleagues, family
  • Place – where I live, work, play – what is ‘home’ for me
  • Passion – what inspires me – how do I serve others whether paid or unpaid
  • Play – how do I have fun and find joy in my life

Three:  Uniquely Me

Explore the gifts and unique aspects of your life that inform and make you who you are now. Discover and own the mix, combination, complexity and uniqueness of you.

  • My culture, my origins
  • Interests, hobbies and pursuits
  • Values and principles
  • My life and learning

Four: Waving a Magic Wand

Imagine and contemplate the life you dream of inside of you. Discover what draws and drives you internally. This time is about letting go of limitations, other imposed barriers, "won't" or "can't" .

  • What kind of future do I want?
  • Dreams and aspirations
  • My magic wand
  • Making choices

Five: Re-Membering

Being whole is about recognising that the sum of the parts is greater than the parts. Applying this truism to you being authentic provides a way to self enable, self care and self manage. Rather than applying quick fix solutions you come away with ways to come back to you that work for you.

  • The parts of me
  • Bringing myself back together
  • Personal triage – what’s working and not working
  • Loving me where I am now

Six: Standing in Your Own Light

The hardest yet most rewarding part of being you is to stand in your own light. This expression is purposely used to remind you of the power and positive contribution you bring to the world simply by being you. This session is about celebrating and sustaining your way and still opening up to more growth and internal change. You choose to empower you.

  • Finding my way through the ups and downs
  • Staying open to learning and change
  • The ongoing journey of possibilities and plans
  • Continuing to be me --- expanding to a fuller me

Your investment

If you are like me you scroll through a page like this and check out pricing. I am clear and transparent about the offer of my services in this program - no contact me and I will then try to sell you more. I believe you will receive enormous value and benefit from doing even just one module. Therefore I offer pricing to match what you can do. I know that sometimes it is easier to just do one at a time. I also know from a long personal commitment to my own development that when we commit up front to work on ourselves we invite greater reward and transformation.  

So if this work is right for you and you are ready consider what works for you now.  

One module

Enrol in any individual module on it's own, one at a time.

$290 + GST

Extra coaching by hour

Per hour coaching while enrolled with module/program discount applied. (Valid for 3 months from date enrol.)

$240 per hr + GST

(Standard rate = $300 per hr + GST)

Whole program

All six modules in advance as one program + 2 hours coaching

$1,775 + GST

(Standard price if purchased separately = $2,220 + GST)

Payment facilities

I offer the following payment options:

Direct invoice. I raise an invoice that is emailed to you. Payable upon receipt. Payable by direct debit to bank.

PayPal. If needed I can issue a PayPal raised invoice. 

Shop on website. To ensure security and management of your purchase I process all online payments via the shop on my main Jenn Shallvey website that provides the option for payment. Through the shop you can use PayPal or ApplePay.

Full receipt of payment is required before access is provided to any module and / or coaching services booked.


Individual modules and coaching once paid for are not refundable.

If necessary due to extenuating circumstances, program changes can be made during the enrolment. This would mean reverting to module by module enrolment.  If so then any amounts refunded are less the individual module price for coaching and modules completed.

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